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Nookda Chanlenglert

Co-Founder & Tribe Master

A globetrotter, a tribe enthusiast, and the winner of Pantip Pick of the Year 2020 from her article about the Mundari tribe in South Sudan.

“For the past 10 years, I have spent 6-7 months a year traveling to 170 countries. I love to explore, adventure, and learn about the diversity of traditional cultures. I am fond of trying new cuisines and seeking new stories from different corners of the world. I am confident that, together with Team Saga, we can take you into a deeper dimension of travels, especially tribal cultures from Africa, South America to the Pacific. What we want to offer is not merely a tour you can find anywhere but an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.”

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Pong Tanthasindhu

Co-Founder & Adrenaline Madness

A one-of-a-kind adventurer, a passionate photographer, and an intrepid diver. No doubt who’s behind all our beautiful images. Pong was selected Traveler of the Year 2020 by Babis Bizas - the most travelled man on Earth. He has spent more than 10 years throughout 180+ countries and about to become one the first and youngest Thai travelers to visit every country in the world.

Highlights of his journey include diving under the ice sheet of White Sea in Russia, becoming one of the ~50 people who descended 400m down into the active volcano of Marum in Vanuatu, and spending almost a month cruising and exploring along the mighty Congo River.


Petch Nethnapat

Co-Founder & Intrepid Overlander

A backpacker and an overland explorer. At 23, he started his journey by traveling 15,000km Thailand-Morocco without a flight. Overlanding allows him to travel slower and spend more time couchsurfing, photographing lives on the roads, and learning more from locals along the way.

Four years in more than 70 countries, from Syria to Afghanistan. Some of his memorable overland routes include a road trip from Beirut to Aleppo, hitchhiking on a truck through the jungle of Guinea Bissau, and becoming one of the first travelers to reach the mysterious Nuristan.

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Eve Phanphat

Co-Founder & Globetrotting Foodie

A world wandering foodie. She’s here to lead you on a culinary exploration. She loves to travel, eat, and explore places off the beaten path. From Asia to Africa, from Som Tum to Nyama, she believes that food represents lifetyles and traditions that have been passing along for generations.

For years, her passion in global cuisines has led her to Iraq, Mali, North Korea, and many more. She’s fond of deep culture and want to invite you all to have fun and enjoy this beautiful planet with us.

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